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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bearstronaut Test

A new test of my Bearstronaut Puppet! This was supposed to be a quick test, but animating slow motion on ones is a pain in the bearbutt, and I ended up animating until about 4 in the morning.

Bearstronaut Test from Elizabeth Klein on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

 I thought I'd share a few before photos of the puppets I just posted. I always like seeing process photos so voila.
In retrospect I would have made him a little fatter. I think he reads to much like a man-bear than a bear-man, but I was really happy with how his hands turned out. 

Eli has been kind enough to help me light my angler. He is also writing a program for me so I can animate his little lights!
Angler pre nice lighting.

I hope everyone is having a nice break.  I love christmas and I love having an excuse to watch Elf again! 

Monday, December 13, 2010


I had to photograph the puppets I have made this year in my puppet fabrication class, and I'm pretty happy with the results. The amazing Micah Cordy did some serious work in the studio.

LOOK AT HIS WORK ----> http://micahcordy.blogspot.com/

My angler puppet finally glows! My very talented friend Eli is writing me a program so I can animate his little lights.

annnnd another of the mushlady. Tonight I will be up all night animating my bearstronaut. woo.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh heyyy Michel Gondry.

My roommates and I had the opportunity to meet Michel Gondry at his book signing at the Family Bookstore in Hollywood last night! So happy. While I opted for a more traditional photo, David always brings out the best in people. haha.

In other news, I am learning all about the magical workings of mold making for stop motion puppets. 
I think I'm going to try this for my Batfish puppets. I need a whole school of them for my upcoming film and hopefully it will work!

and now I will crawl back into bed because I still have the flu. Ew. I hope I didn't give it to Michel. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quick Test

Quick Test from Elizabeth Klein on Vimeo.
While I have been home all week sicky icky, I shot this last week to see how my puppet moves. Unfortunately I found that she has very weak ankles, and if I want to use her for anything I would have to completely rebuild her legs. Oh well, she was fun to make. I based her on a print I've had for a while. I've never known the artist, but who wouldn't love a mushroom with lady legs?

Friday, November 5, 2010


DANCE! from Elizabeth Klein on Vimeo.

A quick test using an old how to boogie book from the 70's.

Let's play catch-up.

Here are some images from things I have been working on for the past year!

I have been busy making puppets lately, and I am still busy making a bunch more.
Mushroom ladylegs:

Olive is loving Calarts. Clearly.

An unfinished deep sea angler fish. Hopefully, after he has some skin, I can make him glow!

Last year was amazing. Lot's of stop motion and new friends.

I worked on a few short pieces over last year, one of which was a short film about Laika, the first dog in space.

My final film of the year, Physis- which I completed in a semester and is all about FUNGUS!

I worked with my friends David and Adrienne on a few short pieces, one if which was Laika, another was this crazy green screen shoot involving a giant lazy susan. We also did a piece written in French by Adrienne! I still don't have a translation...

The End! I am going to try and keep this blog updated with all the good stuff I am working on. Yay stop motion!