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Friday, October 7, 2011


I really like the idea of a wanderjahr. A wanderjahr is defined as a year of wandering to perfect ones craft, by apprenticing and learning from the masters. I feel like this summer definitely kicked of the start of my own personal year of wandering and now that I am in Prague, I am trying to soak up as much adventure, stop motion culture and excitement before I begin my final film at Calarts.

Prague is a crazy, exciting, sarcastic, and loving place. I have made a few good friends so far, that have shown me their favorite secret places in Prague. The vibrance of this city is staggering. I love just getting lost and wandering in and out of all the little shops and parks and alley ways. I think I am finally getting a grasp of the sense of humor this city is soaked in.

Prague! My flat is right next to that middle bridge on the left.

David and Richard

Cafe Louvre

Creepin outside Svankmajer's house

The National Theater 

The Old Town Square
David Cerny fountain outside of the Kafka Museum

 "Prague never lets you go... this dear little mother has sharp claws".  Franz Kafka

Adventures with Frankenhole

I had the most amazing summer working on a stop motion show called Frankenhole on Adult Swim. I worked in the model shop building props and sets. I met some of my new favorite people in the world and can't wait to see the finished season when it airs this Fall/Winter!

 I also had a chance to intern for one of my favorite studios, Screen Novelties, and all I can say is, BE EXCITED for what is coming from them. I can't wait to work more with them. If this summer was any indication of my future career, I am in for a happy life.

My People!

Photos by Nate Theis

We in the model shop, loved our boss Huy so much that we made ourselves into bugs for his massive and amazing bug collection as a thank you. 

I will be able to share some more images from the show after it airs, but until then, I will leave you with some tiny movie snacks.